January 24-25, 2013 | The Ritz-Carlton Coconut Grove | Miami, FL


Compensation committees find themselves at the center of the bullseye in today’s governance environment. With darts coming from every direction, compensation committee members and the HR executives who work directly with them need help evaluating and implementing the most appropriate pay strategies.

The Compensation Committee Boot Camp, hosted jointly by Corporate Board Member and Equilar, will help participants sort through the myriad of compensation-related challenges public companies face. Attendees will gain necessary knowledge to build best-in-class compensation committee through: 

  • Targeted panel discussions 
  • In-depth peer groups 
  • Ample networking opportunities, including a pre-event golf tournament 
  • Pre- and post-event webinars

Don’t be overwhelmed by the complexity of new laws, governance changes, and shareholder demands! Escape the winter weather and join us in Miami to become more informed and equipped to make the right compensation decisions that reward your executives AND your shareholders!

January 24 Boot Camp Topics Include: 

  • Building a Best-in-Class Compensation Committee 
  • Investor Expectations Around Compensation for 2013 
  • Communicating Your Compensation Strategy to External Parties 
  • Trends and Fundamentals of Effective CEO Pay 
  • Setting short- term and long-term incentives 
  • Top Issues for Compensation Committees in 2013

PLUS, an optional add-on workshop on January 25, facilitated by Equilar: 

  • Establishing Peer Groups 
  • Analyzing Market Trends 
  • Understanding Best Practices

Check back for updates on the program agenda!

For questions about the program, please contact Corporate Board Member’s conference department at conferences@boardmember.com or (615) 309-3200.

Registration Rates

Individual Rate
Standard Rate - $1,895

Group Rate
Standard rate - $1,595*

Vendor Rate
Standard rate - $2,495

Extra Workshop
Individual Rate - $295
Group Rate - $195
(per person)


The Ritz-Carlton Coconut Grove
Miami, FL