April 9, 2013 | New York Stock Exchange | New York, NY


Risk Comp 2013

Is your board prepared to make the appropriate risk oversight decisions that are right for your company?

Risk oversight is one of a board’s most fundamental and critical responsibilities. With increased complexities in the way companies do business both domestically and abroad, along with increased opportunities for uncontrollable events to occur, boards must proactively plan for known and unknown risks to their businesses. At the same time, the board must separate its risk oversight duties with management’s responsibilities for executing the risk management strategy.

This one-day event will explore how management and boards can best tackle risk oversight, implement effective risk management strategies, and balance risk versus reward in their business strategies. The event will include a series of panel discussions mixed with two sets of off-the-record peer group discussions. Participants will benefit from an interactive setting with fellow executives and directors to obtain effective approaches to identify and develop applicable risk management/oversight plans for their companies.

Whether executives and directors want to validate their own risk oversight approaches or learn how other experienced boards tackle the issue, participants will walk-away with proven solutions to improve their risk accountability.

Featured Topics

  • Building an Effective Risk Oversight Process
  • Data Security Implications for In-house and Cloud-based Systems
  • Avoiding Board and Committee Agenda Chaos
  • Uncovering and Evaluating Emerging Risk Exposures

Peer Collaborations
Participants will be divided into small peer groups to discuss relevant issues such as: 

  • Tools used to measure/monitor risks 
  • Defining “risk appetite” 
  • Role of internal audit in risk management 
  • Regulatory compliance challenges, e.g. Whistleblower and FCPA 
  • Determining adequacy of internal controls 
  • Driving value from ERM 
  • Taking advantage of social media while managing the risks

        For questions about the program, please contact Corporate Board Member’s conference department at conferences@boardmember.com or (615) 309-3200.

Registration Rates

Individual Rates
Standard Rate - $1,495

Group Rates
Standard rate - $1,295*


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