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General Counsel/Corporate Secretary

Maximizing Value: Considerations for Directors of a Company in Distress
February 03, 2014
Directors of a leveraged company should begin to consider the implications of not being able to access traditional debt markets on appropriate terms.  This concern is particularly acute for companies with near-term debt maturities, prior difficulty achieving financial projections, a declining EBITDA forecast and/or capital funding needs reliant on low interest rates.

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Talking Points: How Boards Can Prepare for the Volcker Rule
January 07, 2014
Years after first hearing of a banking ban on proprietary trading, five government agencies have collaborated to pass the Volcker Rule. Here's what boards need to do to prepare.

Becoming an FCPA-Savvy Director
January 03, 2014
In defining how a board member can be a knowledgeable and valuable company resource in managing FCPA issues, the following may be helpful benchmarks.

The Art of Proxy Design
Fourth Quarter 2013
The proxy statement might still be published on chiffon-thin paper and loaded with required legalese. But at a growing number of companies, it’s reading more like a high-gloss magazine—with board members as feature players.

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Wrapping Your Arms Around IT
Fourth Quarter 2013
The fact is, many board members do have a knowledge gap about IT, and often they don’t even know what questions to ask.

Engaging on Proxy Issues: Knowing When, How and Who to Call
Fourth Quarter 2013
It is almost universally acknowledged that boards need to engage more directly with institutions on corporate governance and compensation issues.

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