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Governance/Nominating Committee

Towards a More Engaged Search Committee
March 25, 2014

The importance of the executive search committee is rapidly emerging from the backwaters of corporate governance. A series of recent developments combine to bring greater focus on the charter and composition of the committee, the process by which it pursues its charter, and the nature of its interaction with the full board. These developments offer a timely opportunity for a board level discussion of its talent development and executive succession practices. 

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What Directors Think

First Quarter 2014
An outpouring of directors answered our call for opinions in the 11th year of Corporate Board Member’s flagship study. Read on for full coverage of their views on their top concerns and strategies for 2014.

David Reno
Preparing for Activists
December 30, 2013

A look at what activism means today, who it includes, and some current activism trends. David Reno, managing director, Sard Verbinnen & Co., explains what’s creating the uptick in activism and how boards can prepare themselves to handle many types of activist investors.  

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Board Leadership... It Rarely Just Happens!

Fourth Quarter 2013

Analyze your board leadership by taking this chairman/lead director test.

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Points of Interest
Fourth Quarter 2013
Updates from around the governance world.

The Rise of the Lawyer-Director
August 29, 2013
Historically, if people were to ask a CEO and his or her board to describe their ideal director, lawyer might not have made the top ten list.  But there has been a radical shift during the past decade.

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