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This Week in the Boardroom, April 24, 2014
An Experienced Look at Board Leadership
TK Kerstetter, President, Corporate Board Member
John Elstrott, Chairman, Whole Foods Market Inc.


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Thought Leadership
Board Governance Series
Fourth Quarter 2013
A quarterly thought leadership series that addresses the most timely and topical issues facing directors and corporate executive management.

What Really Determines TSR
What Really Determines TSR?
August 15, 2013
Total shareholder return has become a more important metric in recent years, in no small part because Institutional Shareholder Services is using it to judge corporate pay plans.

where we veered off
Where We Veered Off the Road
August 15, 2013
As an unintended consequence of the 30-year effort by the SEC to improve the oversight of executive pay, we have effectively created a bias against the “share of the deal” approach to equity. To provide greater transparency and comparability, the SEC requires companies to report all remuneration in annual terms—even if it is not an annual event.

Are Relative TSR Plans the Answer image
Are Relative TSR Plans “The Answer”?
February 28, 2013
These plans usually look good in a pay for performance comparison and can help secure favorable say-on-pay votes, but there are additional questions compensation committees should be asking.

Building the Right Search Cmte image
Building the Right Search Committee for a Successful CEO Transition
February 28, 2013
While it often goes unrecognized, the quality of work done by the board of directors’ search committee can make or break the success of any CEO transition.

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