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Thank you for your interest in Corporate Board Member's Moving the Needle event. We are currently evaluating the success of the 2012 Moving the Needle program with placements of nominated candidates on public company board seats. This evaluation through 2013 will help us determine the future programs under the Moving the Needle initiative. There will not be a live event held in 2013. We welcome your feedback and comments at

The goal of "Moving the Needle - Building Effective Boards with Qualified Diverse Candidates" is to identify qualified diverse board candidates through a CEO and Chairman referral system complimented by an in-person networking exchange where identified candidates will have the opportunity to interact with public company nominating and governance committee representatives and executive board search firms.

"Moving the Needle" is not about quotas or token director representation, but about building boards that can improve all facets of a board's and company's performance and ultimately enhance the shareholders' investment value.

Representatives from Moving the Needle Ring the NYSE Euronext Closing Bell


Goals of Moving the Needle:
1. To debunk the myth that there is a shortage of qualified diverse candidates to meet the needs of today's U.S. corporations.

2. To increase the current number of diverse board members by introducing a pool of qualified candidates recommended by CEOs, chairmen, and related parties to search firms and nominating/governance committee members.

Hear Corporate Board Member President, TK Kerstetter speak to the importance of boardroom diversity and the goals behind the Moving the Needle event with Krista Klaus of the KMBZ Business Channel (1660 AM, Kansas City). (link will open audio in a new window)